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Plan A Mobile By Zumpre
  A theme for your mobile devices.
Plan A Games can be accessed on the go with your mobile device. Our mobile version is now easier to navigate with a modern look & feel. Currently a few systems are down for the mobile platform which includes;
Games => Products
Limited account settings & management

Now users may stay connected anyt...

Different Forms of Payments By PlanA
  Our new way of payments.
We're now accepting different forms of payments which include our original form PayPal, checks, cash, and Bill Me Later. Use these methods to your advantage for a more convenient way of purchasing our products or donating to any of our projects.

Get more details about how these payment methods work.
What's PayPal?
PayPal is th...

Modern Law Car Features By TXmex
  Modern Law Car Features

Hello guys, here's preview from AdamB showing Modern Law's car features. This is not the final render of the project.


A few questions we get is "Is there a Kikstarter for the project? ", currently there is no Kikstarter; before we create one...

The New AResource - CrimeBase By TXmex
  AResource is a software we developed for players to have their own police database for their servers. Well that tool will still be available and if addressed we will run specific updates on it. However our new focus in on CrimeBase.

What's CrimeBase and what does it do?
CrimeBase is a software that will connect with reports in SHIELDS, and on the brows...

Plan A Games Success in One Factor By PlanA
  Helping the lives of our developers.
Developers started FRmods/FRStudios not only because OJdoesIt had a modification to show the world but for colleges all around the world to take a look at the work the staff does here at FRmods & Plan A Games. The idea of using Plan A Games as a portfolio was a success for three Plan A Game developers that are now...

SHIELDS Trailer By TXmex
  SHIELDS the online game mode of Modern Law has it's first trailer, check it out.


Video description.
SHIELDS online - RP, and open world.
Play online with others as a law enforcement agent and crack down on local crime. This is the online version of Modern Law, the single player version.

Unity and Unity...